chatGPT4 summary

We need to raise €1.92 BILLION to save our planet from collapse.

In numbers: 1.920.000.000.000 EUR!

This is the inspiration behind the movement and the World Saver Award, which seeks to transform individuals into "WErriors" who work together to protect the planet. This is not just a dream, but a real goal that we can achieve by giving just 1.5% of our global savings.

We need 1,5 Degrees or better less! So we have to give 1,5%!

The movement offers a way for people to contribute to this effort, with a vision to revitalize the planet by planting trees, providing clean water and food, cleaning up oceans, and investing in startups that create a better future for all of us.

The World Saver Award as the serves as a visible symbol of this movement, a way to recognize and reward those who join the cause.

We can't wait for governments to act; we need to take action by ourselves.

The movement offers a way for everyone to make a difference and become part of a global community that is committed to saving our planet with money.

No violence, no protest - peaceful & effective!

So, join the movement and become a WErrior today!

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