The WErrior World Saver Award Card - give away this card to as many as you can

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You buy parts oft your burningpla.net

This is a pre-order with your personal code!

You can use the The WErrior World Saver Award Card right after our launch.
You will be able to buy and occupy the best places in your world 48 hours before the official launch!
Build your WErrior headquarters wherever you want.

Anyway, this is what you get for 1,- EUR/qkm: (you can buy as much as you want!)

  • 1qkm of the world includes your certificate with the following parts
  • 1 new planted tree worldwide through edenprojects.org ext link
  • You give 66 L clean water through xxx ext link
  • Later: Place your message, brand and contact, seen as a popup while swiping over your personal own place. then just a click to your domain
  • Later: your place will be sellable
  • Later: you can change the content at any time

This is what you get additional per order - unique for the first purchase:

  • Get 10% off on the first limited World Saver Awards / burningpla.net magnetic pins or patches - 48h before official start - each burningpla.net pin plants 20 trees and gives 660 L pure water -> learn more of the basic idea
  • Get an 0,08 EUR-Cent voucher for the upcoming burningpla.net etherum crypto currency - like the first bitcoin notation

This you get ADDITIONAL in the higher options:

50,- EUR - / 70 new planted trees; 4.620 L pure water
1.000,- EUR / 1.800 new planted trees; 118.800 L pure water
5.000,- EUR / 11.000 new planted trees; 726.000 L pure water
9.000,- EUR / 22.000 new planted trees; 1.452.000 L pure water