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The World Saver Award is a tiny burningpla.net
with our 4 natural elements as burning flames.

It will be delivered as a magnetic pin with only 10x15mm in
our individual colors, designs and materials
produced directly in Karlsruhe/Germany.

Each World Saver Award includes:

20 newly planted trees
660 liters of fresh drinking water for 33 people


Give World Saver Awards with your individual
designs, brand & colors to customers,
employees, business partners, friends & family.

Harvest enthusiasm for your DOING and remain permanently in
positive memory & spreading.
Offline as well as online

... with your 100% deductible marketing invoice!

Also perfect for Christmas, the time of reflection


Andy Fischer, 52, is the founder of the
World Saver Award and burningpla.net,
comes from a sales and marketing background.

"It's time to rethink, engage people and partner with them.
The more we are, the more we can do.
There will be an infinite variety
in terms of materials, artists, colors, patterns, sizes
and other products of burningpla.net.
No one will be able to escape us!

We would like to finance our startup through advance orders.
This will allow us the independence, after the startup phase
with up to 80% of our profit
to support corresponding further projects
and to document them transparently."

We invest the first sales,
apart from the guaranteed number of newly planted trees
and drinking water supply per piece,
during the start-up phase in
Laser cutters and micro waterjet cutters,
as well as sustainable materials.
This is the technical basis for being able
to produce individually directly in karlsruhe.