Your possibility save our world with your fans and your marketing invoice

Plant giant forests and give drinkingwater. Your desired design, brand, special edition. Your recipients can get them for free through our individual shipping service.

Everything can happen within and with the burningpla.net

Stay permanently in beautifulest mind

Give tiny World Saver Awards to your fans, employees, customers, business partners in desired design and your individual message. Show gratitude and leave a guaranteed smile with lasting positive and timely image for your brand.

Your benefits - get much more than you give - everything is possible!

  • You plant forests, not one tree. 20 trees per award
  • You give 66 liters of drinkingwater per award
  • You receive World Saver Awards for fans, employees, customers, business partners in design of your choice
  • Everything is possible, delivered with a strong magnet on the back
  • Your card with your message, individualized in the design of your choice
  • We take care of distribution and logistics for any quantity you wish
  • 100% deductible marketing invoice
  • Sustainable advertising effect through your personally designed award
  • You support the subsequent spread of the burningpla.net
  • Joint press releases about our cooperation generate positive press feedback
  • Leave your positive, sustainable footprint

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